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Central Intelligence released by New Line Cinema The formula to take an unequal couple as the Central Intelligence of a movie that mixes action and comedy is older than the cold; or at least it has been in constant use since Nick Nolte extracted Eddie Murphy of the jail to help it to solve a crime in “48 Hours” (1982).  Nevertheless, “Head office Intelligence”, full-lenght film of New Line Movie theater that it releases today in Puerto Rico, devises them to bring a fresh and entertaining energy to what it might have been a predictable and tedious exercise.

Watch Central Intelligence Full Movie Online

Big part of the reason for which this happens is that the production is not content to have simply the presence of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in the main rolls. The friendliness that the public has as these interpreters and the natural charisma that both possess opposite to the camera is not the only form in which this movie avoids to be more of the heap. Watch Central Intelligence Full Movie Online Although both actors have the opportunity to do on screen what its fanatics want to see, it departs from the effectiveness of the movie it resides in the form in which its personages have been designed to give him an unexpected turn to its reputations as movies stars. (more…)

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